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About Me

Brandon Hnedak (knee-dak)

   I have lived in San Diego, California, USA my whole life. I was born in 1990, and graduated Cal State San Marcos with a Bachelors in Arts and Technology. I am part of the second graduating class of Canyon Crest Academy in 2009. My interest in watches came from my Algebra teacher who owned a Rolex Submariner. So, in 2010 I bought an automatic mechanical movement dress watch. After being intrigued by the movement, I bought a few more as well as some more off-brand watches that cost less than $40. I used the watches that cost under $40 as take-apart watches. I dissembled them to understand the design and movement. By 2012 I was combining watches and changing the dials and bands. I even carved designs and printed my own dials.

   After two years all my watches had the same problem. The crown would dig into the back of my wrist. So at Cal State University San Marcos, I took a lot of design and art classes to draw up logos and designs. I finally took a broken watch in 2014 and cut it almost in half. This is when I had the idea of designing a watch I would like to wear.

   After another year of learning about watch movements and mechanics; production and cost, I designed the EDGE in August of 2015.

   The EDGE is a 38 mm unisex watch that’s Inspired by function, but designed for comfort. It has a round side and a flat side which sits on the ‘edge’ of your wrist. The watch band is integrated into the watch. This gives the watch a seamless feeling. Everything is connected perfectly for maximum comfort and overall strength.

   I launched my Kickstarter (crowd funding website) on March 13th - April 13th of 2017 to fund my watches. I raised over $7,000 in 30 days. My success on Kickstarter launched my watch designer career. However I have burned through all my earnings and have not made a profit off my watches. It was all worth it though.

   The watch was a dream that I wanted to make a reality. So with very little funds, I launched a Kickstarter (crowd funding website) on March 13th - April 13th of 2017. My goal was set at a very low number of $5500 total. This would cover the cost of production. The shipping, distributing and Kickstarter costs would be covered by me. I did not add any profit for me. After 30 days, I ended with $7106 total from 99 backers / 137 watches. I decided to make this a limited edition so for every watch I sold, they become more and more valuable.

   My success on Kickstarter launched my watch design career. With a successful Kickstarter I giving me the confidence to pursue my second designing.

>>>For my second design I have want to use an automatic movement. Turns out it is very expensive. I don't have the biggest following to fund a watch of that caliber. So for my next design I have decided to adjust the original and make another similar design. The watch after that one will be a rather large edge shape as well but slimmer. The glass will be round and the watch case will be shapped similar to the last few.

   Hopefully this will help my following grow so I can design an automatic Japan or Swiss movement watch. Leaning on a Japanese movement with 28,800 BPH or a 21,600 BPH and a 48 Hour Power Reserve.

Thanks for reading.

Question, Concerns or ideas for my next design?
Send me an email at: Brandon@edgewatchco.com